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FBI special agents Brian Kinney and Eileen Rice, FBI forensic accountant Josiah Lamb and Kathy Klug of the IRS' Criminal Investigation Division were honored Tuesday.
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Diplomas were awarded to a record 6,250 graduates of TexasA&M University during spring commencement ceremonies in June.Among those receiving degrees were are students: Albritton, CaitlynS., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science - University Studies; Byler, JohnC., Lufkin, Bachelor of Environmental Des. - Environmental Design,Cum Laude; Cano, Mario P., Huntington, Bachelor of Business Admin.- Finance. Summa Cum Laude; Casanova, Amanda, Lufkin, Bachelor ofArts - English; Dover, Andrew K., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Environmental Studies; George, Kristina M., Lufkin, Bachelor ofScience - Health; Grimes, Joshua T., Pollok, Bachelor of Science -Economics; Henderson, Mack H., Lufkin, Bachelor of EnvironmentalDes. - Environmental Design, Cum Laude; Hicks, William A., Lufkin,Bachelor of Business Admin. - Finance; Holland, Megan E.,Huntington, Bachelor of Science - Human Resources Development;Hughes, Samuel H., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science - Psychology;Lishewski, Elizabeth N., Lufkin, Bachelor of Business Admin. -Management; Martin, Amy E., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Kinesiology; McCardle, Kyle A., Lufkin, Bachelor of Arts -Political Science; Ramsey, Marca B., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Sport Management; Russell, Sarah J., Lufkin, Bachelor of Arts -Political Science, Magna Cum Laude; Slemmons, Stephanie K., Lufkin,Bachelor of Business Admin. - Accounting; Spencer, James M.,Pollok, Bachelor of Science - Animal Science; Spivey, Megan A.,Lufkin, Bachelor of Science - Food Science & Technology, CumLaude; Thigpen, Austin M., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Agricultural Economics; and Vines, Justin B., Huntington, Bachelorof Science - Renewable Natural Resources.
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Consumers may look forward to lower beer prices this summer, as brewers recognize that price may win out over brand loyalty in the market.
Enright has created 60 paintings of playing cards, 52 cards pluseight jokers, based on the theme of “Games We Play.” Each card hasa game or sport and in some cases she includes more than one gameif logical. 
Cost is $75 per child. Parents that work can drop their LittleDrill member off at 7:45 a.m. for an additional fee of $10 for theentire week.
- Chelsea Parker of Bellingham is one of 47 undergraduates chosen for a 2010 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer Research Program fellowship at Oregon State University, in Corvallis. Recipients receive $4,000 to conduct original research in the biological sciences with faculty mentors during the 11-week program Parker is a member of the OSU University Honors College.
Raymond Kingston, of Manchester, is the new webmaster in the college's Institutional Development division. Kingston is presently the principal designer and owner of Microspective Multimedia, a web development, print design and branding company and was formerly the regional graphic designer for the American Lung Association.

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