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Steitz said he felt deeply honored to have Lawrences science building named after him. I was more astonished when President Beck called to inform me of that decision than when I received the call from Sweden.
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Campbell, a native of Abilene, currently serves as Investment and Business Manager of T.C. Campbell & Company Ltd. and The Campbell Foundation. She served in various investment management positions for the Teacher Retirement System of Texas from 1988 until 2004. Campbell graduated cum laude from Rice University with a bachelor of arts degree in 1966. She obtained her master of arts degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1967 and a bachelor of business administration degree from the University of Texas in 1988. Campbell received her Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1992. She has been active in numerous civic and philanthropic organizations including Girl Scouts, Austin neighborhood associations, Meals on Wheels and St. George Episcopal Church.
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The Glen Rock Gazette accepts only names submitted by colleges and universities for inclusion in the "College News" column. Colleges and universities may submit the names and accomplishments of Glen Rock students via e-mail to
In this Special Report RCR delves into mobile marketing's promise to connect brands with users on a one-to-one basis, providing customers with information that is relevant to them.
Hanna Cahill, a senior at Sehome High School, received $500. She plans to attend St. Martin's University in Lacey and major in library science. She is the daughter of PSE member Susan Cahill.
Daye holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and a Master of Science degree in School Administration from UNC Chapel Hill. She holds a Master of Education in Middle Grades Education from N.C. Central University and a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Winston-Salem State University.
Brittany Middleton, bachelor of science, forest resources; Nicholas Miller, bachelor of science, mechanical engineering; Kenneth Moffat, bachelor of science, civil engineering; Amber Morrison, bachelor of clinical health services; Daniel Nelson, bachelor of arts, interdisciplinary visual arts; Enrique Nunez, bachelor of science, civil engineering; Lindsay Omta, bachelor of arts, business administration; Kennet Ploeger, bachelor of arts, business administration, bachelor of science, biochemistry.

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