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STRG5653  Selling Leads ,STRG5653 Datasheet

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STRG5653   Features:
the 8 attempts succeeds in striking the lamp, the driverturns in standby mode, and the whole starteris fullystopped until the next mains removal and power supply reset. 5. If the lamp is ignited: If the lamp is ignited, the driver stays in standby mode while monitoring the state of the lamp (loop 2).During normal operation of the tube, this short pulse is masked by the lamp conduction. If the mainsinterruption is really long enough to turn off completely the lamp, a new ignition sequence starts again (loop3) with 8 0ther new possible attempts.
STRG5653   (Absolute) Maximum Ratings:
[Specific No.] -* *, (* *)(80) :Gold plated, tube packaging (81) :Gold plated, embossed tape packaging
STRG5653   Pinout:
Start Sequence - Start Frame is indicated by SDAT going LOWwhen SCLK is HIGH. Every time a start signalis given, the next8-bit data must be the device address (seven bits) and a R/Wbit, followed by register address (eight bits) and register data(eight bits). Stop Sequence - Stop Frame is indicated by SDAT going HIGHwhen SCLK is HIGH. A Stop Frame frees the bus for writing toanother part on the same bus or writing to another randomregister address.
Fanout (Over Temperature Range) - Standard Outputs..... ... . . 10 LSTTL Loads - Bus Driver Outputs ... ..... 15 LSTTL Loads Wide Operating Temperature Range . . . -550C t0 1250C

IOUUU +10% 1.25+0.2 C3225COG2A153K
+5% 1.6+0.2C3225COG2A223J
22000 +10% 1.6+0.2 C3225COG2A223K
+5% 2.0+0.2C3225COG2A333J

Description The STRG5653/010 and AT17LV512/010 (high-density AT17 Series) FPGA Configu-ration EEPROMs (Configurators) provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective configurationmemory for Field Programmable Gate Arrays. The high-density AT17 Series is pack-aged in the popular 20-pin PLCC. The high-density AT17 Series family uses a simpleserial-access procedure to configure one or more FPGA devices. The high-densityAT17 Series organization supplies enough memory to configure one or multiplesmaller FPGAs. The user can select the polarity of the reset function by programmingone EEPROM byte. The devices also support a write protection mode and a systemfriendly READY pin, which signifies a "good" power level to the device and can beused to ensure reliable system power-up. The high-density AT17 Series can be programmed with industry-standard program-mers, and the Atmel ATDH2200 Programming board.
When all 64 bytes are received, and the STOP conditionhas been sent by the Master, the internal programmingcycle begins. At this point, all received data is written tothe CAT1320/21 in a single write cycle.

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STRG5653  DataSheet

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