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LC7975  Selling Leads ,LC7975 Datasheet

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LC7975   Features:

IOUUUU +10% 1.6+0.2 C4532X7R2E154M
±10% 2.3+0.2C4532X7R2E224K
220000 +20% 2.3+0.2 C4532X7R2E224M
±10% 2.3+0.2C4532X7R2E334K
330000 +20% 2.3+0.2 C4532X7R2E334M
±10% 2.3+0.2C4532X7R2E474K

LC7975   (Absolute) Maximum Ratings:
Silicon N-channel enhancementmode vertical D-MOS transistor designed for large signal amplifierapplications in the VHF frequencyrange.
LC7975   Pinout:

Symbol Parameter Test Conditions Min Typ. Max Unit
APL431A 2.487 2.500 2.513 V
VREF Reference voltageVKA=VREF, APL431B 2.475 2.500 2.525
IK=lOmA" APL431C 2.450 2.500 2.550
AVREFT Reference voltage drift over temp. range VKA=VREF,IK=1 0rriATA =0 t0 700C*1 TA =-40 t0 850C1 20 30 mV
Voltage ratio (openIK=lOrriA, VKA=VREF t0 10V'2 -1.5 3
AVREFAVKA loop gain) IK=lOrriA, VKA=VREF t0 20V'2 -1.2 -2.5 mVN
IREF Reference current IK=lOmA, Ri=lOkQ, R2=open'2 1.0 3 A
AIREF/TReference currentdriftIK=lOmA, Ri=lOkQ,R2=open, TA= -40 t0 850C'2 0.3 1 yA
IK(min,Min. cathode current VKA=VREF'1 0.25 0.5 mA
IK(off)Off-state cathodecurrent VKA= 20V, VREF= OV'3 0.1 1 A
IZKAI Dynamic impedance VKA=VREF IK=lmA t0 100mA, f <1kHz'l 0.1 0.4 Q
IKCathode currentVKA=VREF+ 50mV'2 1 00 mA

A snubber isn't needed to eliminate false operation ofthe TRIAC driver because of the high static and com-mutating dv/dt with loads between l.0 and 0.8 powerfactors. When inductive loads with power factors lessthan 0.8 are being driven, include a RC snubber or asingle capacitor directly across the device to dampthe peak commutating dv/ dt spike. Normally a com-mutating dv/dt causes a turning-off device to stay ondue to the stored energy remaining in the turning-offdevice.

tPLH S Q RL= 2 kfl, CL = 15 pF 1 2 22 13 21
tPHL Q 15 27 ns

Alpha Industries, Inc. [781] 935-5150 G.Fax [617] 824-4579..Email Specifications subject to change without notice. 1/OIA
Instructions, addresses, and write data are clocked intothe DI pin on the rising edge of the clock (SK). The DOpin is normally in a high impedance state except whenreading data from the device, or when checking theready/busy status after a write operation.

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LC7975  DataSheet

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