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LA76812  Selling Leads ,LA76812 Datasheet

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LA76812   Features:

+10% 1.6+0.2C5750X7R2A684K
680000 +20% 1.6+0.2 C5750X7R2A684M
1000000 ±10% 2.3+0.2C5750X7R2A105K
[1ccF] +20% 2.3+0.2C5750X7R2A105M
1500000 +10% 2.3+0.2C5750X7R2A155K
[1.5cCF] +20% 2.3+0.2C5750X7R2A155M
2200000 +10% 2.3+0.2C5750X7R2A225K

LA76812   (Absolute) Maximum Ratings:
Note l : H=VIH, L=VIL, X=VIH or VIL, High-Z= High-impedance To operate refer to the command definition, algorithms and so on
LA76812   Pinout:
Stresses in excess of the absolute maximum ratings can cause permanent damage to the device. These are abso-lute stress ratings only. Functional operation of the device is not implied at these or any other conditions in excessof those given in the performance characteristics of the data sheet. Exposure to absolute maximum ratings forextended periods can adversely affect device reliability.
* M tolerance is standard for Mid Voltage X7R capacitors.. For more information about products with other capacitance or other data please contact us.
') Valid for one branch - Gultig fur einen Bruckenzweig2) Valid, ifthe temperature ofthe case is kept t0 1200C - Gultig, wenn die Gehausetemp. auf 1200C gehalten wird340 28.02.2002

Function Typo Noof Pins
Shlft Registers-$tatlcDual 4-stage with serial input/ parallel output18-staga64-stage Dual 64-bit8-stage with synchronous parallel or serial input/serial output8-stage with asynchronous parallel input or synchronous serial inpuVserial output4-stage parallel-in/paralld-out withJ-K input and true/complement output 4-bit universal bidirectionalwith asynchronous master reset 8-stage bidirectional parallel or serial input/parallel output 32-bit lght 8-stage Shift-and-store bus CD4015B CD4006BCD4031BCD4517BCD4014B CD4021B CD4035B CD40194B CD4034B CD40100BCD4094B 16 14 1616 16 16 16 24 1616
Storage Registers
8-bit addressablelatch 4-bit "D"-type with 3-state outputsCD4099BCD4724BCD4076B 16 16 16
FIFO Buffers Roglsters
4-bit x 16 word CD40105B 16
Blnary RIpple7-stage12-stage '14-stage 14-stage counter/divider and oscillator 24-stage frequency dividerwith oscillator section CD4024BCD4040BCD4020BCD4060BCD4521B 14 16 16 16 16
21-stageTime base gerwratorProgrammable CD4045BCD4566BCD4536BCD4541B 14 16 16 14
Decade counter/divider plus 10decodod docirrialoutput8 Divide-by-8 counter/divider with8 decimaloutputs Presettable divide-by-"N" counter,fixed or programmable Programmable-divide-by-"N" counterProgrammable BCD divide-by-"N" Presettable up/down counter, binan/or BCD-decade Presettable 4-bit BCD up/down counter Presettable 4-bit binary up/down counter Presettable 2-decade BCD down counter Presettable 8-bit binary down counterCD4017B CD4022B CD4018B CD4059ACD4522BCD4029B CD4510BCD40192BCD4516BCD40193BCD40102BCD40103B16 16 16 241616 161616 1616

The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTORLA76812 type is a NPN Silicon DarlingtonTransistors manufactured by the epitaxialplanar process, epoxy molded in a surfacemount package, designed for applicationsrequiring extremely high gain.Marking Code is CIV.

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LA76812  DataSheet

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