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JRC4565D  Selling Leads ,JRC4565D Datasheet

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JRC4565D   Features:
OC-48/STM-16 transmission equipment SONET/SDH optical modules ADD/DROP multiplexers Digital cross-connectsATM switch backbone SONET/SDH test equipment Terabit and edge routers
JRC4565D   (Absolute) Maximum Ratings:
DefinitionsShort-form specification - The data in a short-form specification is extracted from a full data sheet with the same type number and title. Fordetailed information see the relevant data sheet or data handbook.
JRC4565D   Pinout:
tPHL (Time Delay, Falling): The elapsed time between the l.5V point on the trailing edge of the inputpulse and the l.5V point on the trailing edge of any tap output pulse.
The EA2 series has reduced package size and power consumption to other NEC Conventional relays. Furthermore, it complies with 1500 V surge-voltage requirem ent of FCC part 68 by the unique structure and the efficient magnetic circuit
* M tolerance is standard for Mid Voltage X7R capacitors.. For more information about products with other capacitance or other data please contact us.
In order to maintain good reliability, the junction tempera-ture of the semiconductor components should be kept to amaximum of 1500C or lower. The thermalimpedance (junc-tion to ambient) required to meet this requirement can becalculated as follows:

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JRC4565D  DataSheet

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