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Before coming to Lee in 1999, Jaber was the technology specialist for the Appalachian College Association. Jaber holds memberships with the Association for Information Systems, Professors of Instructional Design and Technology and the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. He has presented several papers at national, international, regional, state and local conferences.
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Logan Cook, a sixth grader at Wells Junior High, has earned theposition on the Texas State National Junior High Rodeo Team andwill be traveling with fellow teammates to Gallup, N.M., June 27through July 3 to compete at the sixth annual National Junior HighFinals Rodeo in the boys goat tying competition.
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Kristyn Gumpper, Milford, Bachelor of Science in biology; Brett Fuchs, Milford, Bachelor of Arts in political science; and Lauren Mursch, Scranton, magna cum laude, Bachelor of Science in neuroscience.
Parents may register children for up to a full day of classesfrom 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Cost of each classis $55 and classes are limited to 10 students.
- Caroline Theobald of Bellingham represented Washington state undergraduates at the Henry Clay Center for Statemanship's third annual student congress, in Lexington, Ky. Students study leadership and statesmanship skills, and current issues.
Carolina Flores, of Meriden, has joined MCC as an instructor of music in the college's liberal arts division. Flores formerly taught music at the Hartt School of Music and directed its women's vocal ensemble, Camerata. She also was the concert and chamber choir director at Norte Dame High School in West Haven and is the conductor of the Pioneer Valley Cappella Choir.
Blaine: Heather Connell, bachelor of science, nursing; Alexandre Cross, bachelor of science, forest resources; Catherine Eastman, bachelor of arts, sociology; Tyler Fitzgerald, bachelor of arts, political science; Sonya Gill, bachelor of science, nursing.

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