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Also, Kelli Lynne Grimes-Baggett, Theatre, of Pollok; and fromZavalla, Ashley Karen Clark, Interdisciplinary Studies; FranchescaJo Harris, Nursing; Rhonda Gail McClelland, Social Work; MeaganJean Runnels, Professional Accountancy.
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The opening reception to meet the artists is from 6 to 8 p.m.June 18. The exhibit sponsors are Dr. and Mrs. William Knecht,Gilbert’s True Value Hardware and Nelson-House Funeral Home.
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Sara Crimmel, Tunkhannock, Bachelor of Arts English/professional writing; Cara Romanik, Honesdale, cum laude, Bachelor of Arts social work; and Ashley Toczylowski, Dupont, magna cum laude, Bachelor of Science business administration/marketing.
Diplomas were awarded to a record 6,250 graduates of TexasA&M University during spring commencement ceremonies in June.Among those receiving degrees were are students: Albritton, CaitlynS., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science - University Studies; Byler, JohnC., Lufkin, Bachelor of Environmental Des. - Environmental Design,Cum Laude; Cano, Mario P., Huntington, Bachelor of Business Admin.- Finance. Summa Cum Laude; Casanova, Amanda, Lufkin, Bachelor ofArts - English; Dover, Andrew K., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Environmental Studies; George, Kristina M., Lufkin, Bachelor ofScience - Health; Grimes, Joshua T., Pollok, Bachelor of Science -Economics; Henderson, Mack H., Lufkin, Bachelor of EnvironmentalDes. - Environmental Design, Cum Laude; Hicks, William A., Lufkin,Bachelor of Business Admin. - Finance; Holland, Megan E.,Huntington, Bachelor of Science - Human Resources Development;Hughes, Samuel H., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science - Psychology;Lishewski, Elizabeth N., Lufkin, Bachelor of Business Admin. -Management; Martin, Amy E., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Kinesiology; McCardle, Kyle A., Lufkin, Bachelor of Arts -Political Science; Ramsey, Marca B., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Sport Management; Russell, Sarah J., Lufkin, Bachelor of Arts -Political Science, Magna Cum Laude; Slemmons, Stephanie K., Lufkin,Bachelor of Business Admin. - Accounting; Spencer, James M.,Pollok, Bachelor of Science - Animal Science; Spivey, Megan A.,Lufkin, Bachelor of Science - Food Science & Technology, CumLaude; Thigpen, Austin M., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Agricultural Economics; and Vines, Justin B., Huntington, Bachelorof Science - Renewable Natural Resources.
Texas A&M University has named its honor students for thespring semester, recognizing them for outstanding academicperformance. The Dean’s Honor Roll; recognizes students taking atleast 15 semester hours during the spring semester who havemaintained a 3.75 or higher grade point out of a possible 4.0. Asecond designation, “Distinguished Student,” recognizes those whoearned a 3.5 to 3.74 GPR while taking at least 15 hours for thespring semester.
I'm amazed how many are majoring in the arts in todays economy. Its not exactly something that is in demand in the economy right now. "
John Laughery, bachelor of arts, urban studies; Daniel Lee, bachelor of arts, political science; Alayna Lim, bachelor of arts, communication; Sabrina Lorgen-Knapp, bachelor of arts, anthropology; Grant Lyon, bachelor of arts, economics; Scott MacPherson, bachelor of music, jazz studies; Kael Martin, bachelor of science, civil engineering; Kelly Melillo, bachelor of science, nursing; Ross Michaelis, bachelor of arts, sociology and community, environment, and planning.

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