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Derek Kinch of Marion received a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion at Charleston University’s commencement ceremony on May 8 at the North Charleston Coliseum.
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The camp is located on more than 500 acres in the Texas HillCountry, and is designed to introduce the “Can Do” philosophy tochildren dealing with special medical conditions.
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The Bank of Japan still isn’t dropping money out of helicopters, but it hopes its latest little lending program will work as a guided monetary missile.
He plans to attend Northwest University next fall to double major in communications and psychology and minor in youth ministry.
Brendan E. Downes was named to the Dean’s List for the spring 2010 semester at Clarkson University. Downes is a junior majoring in mechanical engineering.
- Six Bellingham students graduated from Oregon State University, in Corvallis: Jack Baker, bachelor of science, cum laude, mechanical engineering; Scott Goodall, master of science, civil engineering; Kara Hitchko, master of science, toxicology; Amy Knight, bachelor of science, cum laude, general science; Margret Schmidt, bachelor of science, nutrition; and Mason Webb, bachelor of science, psychology.
- The Assistance League of Bellingham awarded nearly $29,500 in scholarships to numerous Whatcom County students to attend summer programs. The students are grades six through 11.

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