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The future groom, the son of John and Lynnda Kilpatrick, of Issaquah, is a 2000 graduate of Skyline High School. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in finance from Washington State University in 2008. He works at Greenfield Advisors as a business development analyst.
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Diplomas were awarded to a record 6,250 graduates of TexasA&M University during spring commencement ceremonies in June.Among those receiving degrees were are students: Albritton, CaitlynS., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science - University Studies; Byler, JohnC., Lufkin, Bachelor of Environmental Des. - Environmental Design,Cum Laude; Cano, Mario P., Huntington, Bachelor of Business Admin.- Finance. Summa Cum Laude; Casanova, Amanda, Lufkin, Bachelor ofArts - English; Dover, Andrew K., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Environmental Studies; George, Kristina M., Lufkin, Bachelor ofScience - Health; Grimes, Joshua T., Pollok, Bachelor of Science -Economics; Henderson, Mack H., Lufkin, Bachelor of EnvironmentalDes. - Environmental Design, Cum Laude; Hicks, William A., Lufkin,Bachelor of Business Admin. - Finance; Holland, Megan E.,Huntington, Bachelor of Science - Human Resources Development;Hughes, Samuel H., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science - Psychology;Lishewski, Elizabeth N., Lufkin, Bachelor of Business Admin. -Management; Martin, Amy E., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Kinesiology; McCardle, Kyle A., Lufkin, Bachelor of Arts -Political Science; Ramsey, Marca B., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Sport Management; Russell, Sarah J., Lufkin, Bachelor of Arts -Political Science, Magna Cum Laude; Slemmons, Stephanie K., Lufkin,Bachelor of Business Admin. - Accounting; Spencer, James M.,Pollok, Bachelor of Science - Animal Science; Spivey, Megan A.,Lufkin, Bachelor of Science - Food Science & Technology, CumLaude; Thigpen, Austin M., Lufkin, Bachelor of Science -Agricultural Economics; and Vines, Justin B., Huntington, Bachelorof Science - Renewable Natural Resources.
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Erin Amanda Barnes of Lufkin, a junior psychology major, wasnamed to the President’s Honor Roll for Spring 2010. ThePresident’s Honor Roll consists of full-time undergraduate studentshaving a perfect grade point average of 4.0 for the semester.
Area students receiving degrees from Sam Houston StateUniversity in May 2010 include Noe D. Castellanos of Lufkin,Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology; Robert Earl Murphy of Lufkin,Bachelor of Business Administration - Management; and JenniferNicole Spivey of Lufkin, SPEC in School Psychology.
The opening reception to meet the artists is from 6 to 8 p.m.June 18. The exhibit sponsors are Dr. and Mrs. William Knecht,Gilbert’s True Value Hardware and Nelson-House Funeral Home.
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Aram V. Afarian, Renee M. Castellano, Philip L. DiGennaro, Christine A. Guariglia and Nicole E. Hamm graduated from The University of Scranton on May 30. Afarian and DiGennaro earned bachelor of science degrees in business administration. Castellano earned a bachelor of science degree in accounting. Guariglia earned a bachelor of science degree in counseling and human services and Hamm earned a bachelor of arts degree in communication.

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