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Boston University awarded academic degrees to 1,445 students in January 2010. Receiving degrees were Ian F. Rothfuss, Master of Science in Business Administration and Management; Erika Gnong, Master of Criminal Justice in Criminal Justice; Brandi L. Harless, Master of Public Health in International Health; Chiara C. Cortez, Bachelor of Arts in International Relations; Jane B. Kiggins, Master of Science in Business Administration and Management; Melissa Brenenborg, Master of Science in Business Administration and Management.
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This blog was created to help faciliate communication in PASD with a goal of better education, fiscal spending & improved property values.
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Logan Cook, a sixth grader at Wells Junior High, has earned theposition on the Texas State National Junior High Rodeo Team andwill be traveling with fellow teammates to Gallup, N.M., June 27through July 3 to compete at the sixth annual National Junior HighFinals Rodeo in the boys goat tying competition.
"Sarah Campbell is a wonderful addition to our board of directors," said Kirk W. Thaxton, President and CEO. "She has been a life-long customer of our bank and has worked with our trust company for years as a member of our Investment Committee. We know that she will continue to contribute greatly to our team."
Lawmakers may cap merchants' "interchange" fees, and that could mean higher costs and fewer rewards when you use your debit card at the store.
From Lufkin: Zachary Allen, Kinesiology; Lucas JacksonAnderson,,Physics; Danielle Yvonne Ash, Undecided; Samantha MicheleBaird, Interdisciplinary Studies; Justin Kendrick Barington,Kinesiology; Mackenzie Andrea Calcote, Finance; Mitchell LukeCalhoun, General Business; Seth James Crawley, Geology; KelliKristine Davis, Interdisciplinary Studies; Kelly Dyan Dickens,Child Development and Family Living; Whitney Elise Duke, GeneralBusiness; Ethan Floyd Fatheree, English; Natalie Anne Fitzgerald,Interdisciplinary Studies; Yuridiana Franco, Spanish; Justin MarcusGuerra, Kinesiology; Amanda S. Henson, Interdisciplinary Studies;Ashley Cherie Henson, Interdisciplinary Studies; Samantha ElainHernandez, General Business; Sonia Jacobo, General Business;Roselia Juan, Biology; Alicia M. Kirkland, InterdisciplinaryStudies; Jenny Lynn Klein, Nursing; Carlos Anthony Lamkin,Political Science; Rachel Marie Maddux, Nursing; Jonte’ DestineyMartin, Interdisciplinary Studies; Chasity Lynn Monschein,Communication-Journalism; Bethany Elise Nash, Food and NutritionDietetics; Mariah Ja’Connie Naylor, Creative Writing; Lesa MichelleOden, Interdisciplinary Studies; Nicole Aubrey Olszewski, Finance;Jeremy Alan Pyeatt, Applied Arts and Sciences; Ryan Adam Rasbeary,Kinesiology; Brandon James Reavis, General Business; StephanieDenise Roberson, Hospitality Administration; Randy William Roberts,Liberal Studies; Stephanie Lynn Smith, Child Development and FamilyLiving; Rosa Solis, Interdisciplinary Studies; Cessali M.Strickland, Family and Consumer Sciences; James Ernest H.Throckmorton, Professional Accountancy; Weiming Tie, Mathematics;Elizabeth Cassell Todd, Political Science; Diana Torres,Interdisciplinary Studies; Evelyn Del Carmen Turcios, Psychology;Jessica Leigh Turner, General Business; Staci Michelle Turnipseed,Interdisciplinary Studies; Elizabeth Raeann Weeks,Interdisciplinary Studies; and Lauren Nicole Martin,Interdisciplinary Studies.
Also, Lynden Christian student Kevin DallaSanta won a special honor for "student achievement" and Jami Jo Libolt won honorable mention in "outstanding performance by an actress in supporting role," for her performance in "Aida."

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