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Audriea McCord Davis graduated from Wesleyan College, Macon, May 15, earning the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in middle grades education with concentration in mathematics and language arts.
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OWOSSO — The Shiawassee Arts Center will be featuring the artpastels by Joe Brown of Kalamazoo, oil paintings by Judy Enright ofBrighton and garden art by Sue Long of Okemos in a new exhibit fromJune 15 through July 18.
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She plans to complete her studies to receive a bachelor of arts in English and then enter the master’s in teaching program.
DURHAM -- Lewis Ferebee has been appointed chief of staff for Durham Public Schools effective July 1, DPS announced at Tuesday night's Durham County Board of Education meeting.
One of the important reasons behind this catastrophe can be linked with class interest; as a group of soldiers revolted due to class based-frustrations. As stated by R.J. Rumel:
Carolina Flores, of Meriden, has joined MCC as an instructor of music in the college's liberal arts division. Flores formerly taught music at the Hartt School of Music and directed its women's vocal ensemble, Camerata. She also was the concert and chamber choir director at Norte Dame High School in West Haven and is the conductor of the Pioneer Valley Cappella Choir.
INDIANAPOLIS — Townsend Bell woke up the day after finishing fourth in last year's Indy 500 and waited for the phone to ring.

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